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A prior literature grad, I have several short stories published to my name. From student journalism to writing for Fortune 500 companies - it has been a journey of continuous learning as I sharpened my saw of editing skills, peer reviewing, and quality checks. More recently, I have curated, strategized, and managed content for the UXPA Boston website which serves 4500+ UX professionals of various levels.


As a UX practitioner, I have conducted literature reviews of seminal research topics. I have formulated questions for moderator guides, designed presentations and also led mini usability sessions, using attention-to-detail, content structuring and formatting, visual hierarchy, and writing skills.

Don't hesitate to contact me for a walkthrough of my writing from a user-experience lens.


Prior Knowledge and the Long-Term Memory

This expert review discusses the storing, access, and use (retrieval) of prior knowledge in long-term memory. The focus is on factors that have a direct and significant impact on human performance and the user experience.

15 min read


Working Memory, Cognitive Load, and Emotional Subsystems

This expert review discusses the human working memory and the impact of cognitive load and emotional subsystems like anxiety and motivation on human performance. I have reviewed a design case on the basis of the literature review, backed by scholarly articles.

14 min read


Inclusive Design and Persona Spectrums

As part of a class project, we were asked to create a pitch deck for a client who were designing a new keyboard. The pitch was to create awareness about persona spectrums and champion inclusive design. I spent a lot of time researching and speaking to people with physical disabilities to create three personas to keep in mind for this design.

5 min read


Usability Evaluation Report

This mini usability report was created as part of a User Testing and Assessments class project. The challenge was to select a mopping tool, focus on a complex problem, and evaluate the product from the perspective of the chosen problem. Endometriosis is a disorder which significantly impacts women's lives, and has detrimental social, public health, and economic implications. I chose to measure the usability of a household tool from the perspective of someone suffering from this disorder.

9 min read

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