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VR Experience Design

In April 2022, I created a Figma prototype of a show-me-around campus augmented view.

I created this, as a UX Designer, while experimenting with Figma, as a personal project.

Project Overview

Project Overview

Problem: Navigating a school campus can be difficult and overwhelming for new students. They are usually excited to make an impression, perhaps nervous about beginning a new phase of life, but also ready to explore and enjoy the resources being offered!

Approach: A 360° navigation experience with overlays of crowdsourced information and recommendations. A hi-fidelity prototype of a campus navigation experience tool created, with augmented overlays of information. The user can explore parts of the campus and read more about infrastructure, campus hotspots, shortcuts to avoid stairs and much more! 

My Role: All aspects of this design were created by me, the primary design tool being Figma.



As soon as I had defined the problem, I brought out good old pen and paper for a sketch.

Step 1: Sketch and annotate


To create the prototype, I downloaded a panoramic view of the school campus (Source: and figured out a few areas of interest.


In Figma, I used white circles to mark these areas on the image and added translucent rectangles for labelling.

Group 22.png

Step 2: Marked areas of interest

Creating the overlays was a challenge- I experimented with colors, keeping in mind the contrast for readability, and designed the interface carefully.


Step 3: Designed the overlays

VR Overlays.png

I created an introductory screen and added a social experience indicator.

Social indicator - VR Bentley_edited.jpg

Step 4: Designed the introductory screen.

Bentley VR.png

I adjusted frames in Figma to create a VR movement effect. Here is a snapshot of how the frames were adjusted to center the areas of interest, keeping in mind the placement of the information overlays.

Step 5: Adjusted frames for the VR movement effect

Key Takeaways and Learning

Key Takeaways and Learning:

This prototype is a personal project and is not for commercial use. As next steps, I would like to explore further:

  • Export the prototype to Unity and try it out on a VR headset.

  • Close the gap on how a user would be able to scan a location and launch the overlays.

  • Decipher the social connection and how information would be crowdsourced.

Selected Projects

cover pic.png

Oct to Dec 2022

Service and Learning Design

Mayor's Office, City of Boston

civic tech, figma, service design, instructional design, UX design


Jan to June 2021

Instructional Design & Content Strategy

Walmart Academy App Redesign : Learning Services

retail learning design, strategy, nano learning, adobe experience manager 

May 2022

Prototyping and Interaction Design

Class Project: Mobile healthcare application

healthcare application, figma, sketches, prototyping, wireframing

Billing 3_edited.png

Sep to Dec 2022

Multi-Modal Product Design

Class Project: Haptic eyewear to increase road safety

haptic wearable, Arduino uno, 3D prototyping, physical product design

May 2022

VR Experience Design

Personal Project: Navigation using AR/VR

animation in figma, overlays, sketching, UI design

iPad Pro 2020.png
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